Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Benefits of Pho


One of my favorite things about Saturday is hanging out with  a good friend of mine who is Vietnamese.  We almost always meet up at a restaurant in Little Saigon in Orange County where they serve the delicious and incredibly healthy Vietnamese national dish: Pho! I have been eating Pho for the past 2 years and still enjoy it to this day.
nuoc beo

Pho, besides being a complete meal in itself with its perfect balance of protein, healthy carbs and packed with nutrients and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and B vitamins. the antioxidant effect can also be enhanced with  basil, culantro, lemon and bean sprouts that always accompany it as sides.  A big secret is that you can ask for a side of nuoc beo, which is the rendered  beef fat (suet) left over from simmering the bones to make the Pho broth.  It gives it a thicker, rich flavor and keeps the broth hot longer. And as the Mexican I am,  I always put a lot of blended chili!

Here is a list of Vietnamese herbs.

pho with bean sprouts and chili

The full meal pictured above contains:
Bone Broth
Beef Balls
Rice Noodles
Green Onions
Bean Sprouts
Rendered Beef Fat
Blended Chili

Remember stay confident and believe in yourself

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