Sunday, November 8, 2015

My thoughts on Positive Thinking and how it can help you lose weight or change your life

I've been doing alot of thinking because I've been reading up on and looking at more self help videos for about month now.  One of the things that really stuck out like a sore thumb was to look back and think about the good things that are good about your life and try to remember how you got there.

One thing is obviously how I lost the weight.  Looking back I had to change my negative thinking into positive thinking and this was hard to do.  As I mentioned in my first blog it all started to turn around in 2004 when I quit smoking.  I listened to alot of self-help audio books to help boost my confidence as well.

A few things I did not mention was that I hated my life and always turned positive things into negative things which isolated me from the real world.  This led to smoking weed, heavy drinking, and hating myself for being overweight.  I was a creepy quiet guy for most of my life and felt like close friends were distancing themselves from me because of it. I worked at a Kmart from age 16 into my 20s and CoWorkers would keep their distance.  One thing I do remember was that a very beautiful CoWorker came up to me and told me "You should smile more cuz you look cute when you smile"  I smiled whenever I ran into her because of it but didn't really take her advise.  I still remember that til this day and feel that it did help me later in life because nowadays I smile whenever I make eye contact with people I know and even people I don't know.

I feel that things started to turn around for me when I stopped complaining about how shitty my life was.  The tables started turning when I quit smoking cigarettes because that was hard to do.  I don't recall what was going through my mind back then but I'm pretty sure completing such a hard task gave a sense of fulfillment.  I was like WOW!!! I never thought I would be able to actually do this.  Plus the praise I received from my family and friends gave me an even bigger boost.

As mentioned I did gain alot of weight but that didn't side track me I went to the track and lost most of the weight.  From then on everything started to fall into place.  I got a decent job the following year and started talking more to fellow CoWorkers, friends, and people around me.  The restless sleepless nights had stopped to a halt.  I started drinking less and life was starting to look alot brighter.  I became more approachable when I started filling my mind with positive thoughts. 

So I truly believe that positive thinking helps with all aspects of life. There is still alot of room for improvement.  I realize that I still need to find better ways to be financially secure which right now is okay but that can change in a blink of an eye with the job market the way it is and with things becoming more and more expensive.  I must admit I was derailed a little and had some slip ups nothing major but still.

In this past month I started taking Muay Thai Kick Boxing classes which was recommended to me by kind hearted person.  I only go twice a week because of my work schedule but it is still helping me get back into the exercising routine.

So what I recommend to get started is to do something you thought you could never do.  Mine was to quit smoking but if you don't smoke.  You can maybe stop eating sugar, quit drinking coffee, alcohol, drugs, or stop eating fast food.  Something that will kick start your journey with a bang.

So always remember to stay positive and belive in yourself!!!

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