Monday, December 15, 2014

One thing I did to lose and maintain the weight

One of the things I did to lose and maintain my weight as shown in the video above was to take a tablespoon each of Extra Virgin Coconut oil,  lard, and Raw Butter.  I do this twice a day, once in the morning and then once before I go to bed.  I know this sounds crazy but this really worked for me.  I started consuming these products back in March of 2013 but did not become a daily ritual till the middle of 2013.  Since then, I have not looked back.  The reason for this blog entry is to let people know how it has helped me and why I feel it will help others out there.

The reason this works so well is because you are giving your body what it needs.  All 3 of these products contain healthy saturated fat.  The more real fat you give your body the easier it is to burn it off.  Your body will no longer feel the need to conserve fat it since it's getting more than enough of what it needs. 

So all that stuff you hear about low fat or non fat foods will actually make your body conserve the fat which in return makes it harder to burn off any excess weight.  In this blog I will explain why Extra Virgin Coconut oil, Lard, and Butter are good for you.

The Benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut oil

extra virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil is a healthy medium chained fatty acid which will increase your energy, help boost your metabolism, and has been known to kill sugar cravings.  It is a great weapon in your ongoing battle with weight gain.  It helps with digestion and also helps build up your body's immune system.

You can cook with it as opposed to cooking with Vegetable oils which contain deadly Trans fat (avoid trans fat!)  You can put it in your coffee or tea instead of sugar as well as your favorite blended shake.

The brand I use is Natures Way Extra Virgin Coconut oil so beware of brands that actually process the oil.  Make sure it says Virgin or Extra Virgin and look for reviews online if you're unsure.

Coconut oil is one of those products that is good for a lot of things (not just for weight loss) like Hair growth,  and skin care,  the brand I usually buy is Natures Way Extra Virgin Coconut oil.   

The Benefits of Lard


Lard has been given a bad rap because of it's high fat content by many people out there myself included prior to 2013.   Lard has the most fat out of all 3 products mentioned in this blog entry.  Many people that I know think I'm crazy for eating lard straight out of the bucket as shown in the video.  It has but a slightest porky taste which is what adds a lot of flavor when cooking.  When consuming it straight out of the bucket it immediately melts in your mouth and goes down easily.

Like Coconut oil Lard contains saturated fats.  Lard is hard to find but you can render your own or buy it from your local meat market.  I buy mine from Northgate Market here in Southern California.  It's a Mexican market and it's labelled as Pork Lard/Manteca.

Cooking with Lard really is the best!  Another thing I like to do is grab a tablespoon full of lard and put it in my Broth like Chicken Soup, Menudo, Posole, or Beef stew.  It gives your broth a thicker richer flavor.  Try it out and let me know what you think.

The Benefits of Butter

raw butter

Butter is loaded with vitamins like A, D, E, and K.  Buter is also loaded with good cholesterol which is vital for brain and Nervous system function.  Butter also has iodine which helps your thyroid.  I usually use Organic Pastures Raw butter which contains no salt.  I buy it at Sprouts Farmers Market but I aslo consume Kerry Gold Irish buter which does contain salt when I can't find Raw butter.

My experience with this daily ritual has had very positive effects.  From time to time I do drink the occasional soda or eat cake loaded with sugar and this has helped me stay in control.  In the past I have tried taking weightloss pills that supress hunger and drinking lots of water and it did not work. Most likely due to the fact that in my head I still craved soda, snacks, and fast food despite feeling stuffed.  All 3 products combined has killed the cravings for snacks in between meals.

Prior to do doing this I would eat snacks all day long while at work then at home while watching TV or surfing the net.  With other diets that I've tried in the past snacks were the hardest to put down.  With these 3 products in my arsenal it has made it alot easier to let go.

In the old days people cooked their food with lard and butter not knowing what we know today.  Today we are told that lard and butter are bad for us because of their saturated fat and cholesterol content.

As I mentioned before I do not claim to be a professional nutritionist or a health expert.  I'm just showing what has and continues to work for me in the hopes that it will help others out here who have struggled with weight loss.  There is plenty of articles online and also you tube videos you can look up on these 3 products so I recommend you do more research before diving in and judge for yourself.

Remember stay confident and believe in yourself

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