Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Benefits of Triphala

"No Mother?  Don't Worry, as long as you have Triphala."

Triphala is the first Ayurvedic herbal remedy I tried back in 2013 when I started on the Biggest loser contest we had at work.  It works like a laxative but without all the diarrhea.  The word Triphala is a Sanskrit word translates to 3 fruits:  Myrobalan, Amla, and Belleric Myrobalan


Improves digestion
Cleans the colon
Flushes toxins from your body
Protects the eyes
Protects the heart
Protects the skin
Keeps the liver functioning strong

The Brand I buy is Himalaya which comes in 60 capsules.  I buy it in Little India for $4.99 which is pretty cheap.   I have seen it in whole food markets for  17.99 but you can probably find it on Amazon for cheaper than that.

I use Triphala for it's digestive benefits and as an antioxidant.  one of the fruits in it : Amla, a.k.a. Indian Gooseberry has the highest Vitamin C content of nay fruit. Triphala is a superb overall health supplement and it's definitely a good weapon to have in your arsenal in your pursuit of  weight loss or if  even if your trying to keep the weight off.

There is no known side effects if used properly.  I have read that some people experience headaches, Nausea, gas, or an upset stomach if taking too much.  I have not experienced any such side effects
As always I recommend that everyone do their research before diving in if you are unsure or have health problems.   There is plenty of articles online as well as you tube videos that you can view as well so you can judhe for yourself.

Remember stay confident and believe in yourself

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